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I am no different to you, I walk among you. I am not successful but We are successful.

It's always great to talk about the successes and the beautiful things in life but there is a story behind every Entrepreneur. 


My past experience in sales has really helped with my success along the way, without realising I was paving the way for something big. You see

I never used to stay in jobs for long. Not that I was let go or anything but I just did not stick around for long enough because I really felt that most work environments were rewarding people for kissing butt and not rewarding for success. I really did work hard in many of my jobs, as a matter of fact, most places I went to, most of the time I was always amongst the top sellers in the company, it's a gift that came to me naturally. It was not that I was some kind of hardcore salesman, I was more of the unorthodox type. Although I did follow company guidelines, I always used to sell myself by being able to talk to clients naturally on a down to earth approach rather then being that hardcore salesman type of guy.

From selling phones, to gas & electric, to selling financial services including mortgages, to selling websites and online advertising packages, I have certainly been around the block. 

But I always felt this emptiness inside of me, with all the great sales and amazing bonuses, I felt that something was always missing. It took me a very long time to notice but I eventually did. All this work and graft I was putting in was always to build someone else's dream. It was always making someone else richer, although I was rewarded with what I thought were great bonuses, they were just a drop in the ocean compared to the revenue I was bringing in.

I knew that I had to start my own business, I knew I needed to put my experience to good use, the turning point in my life was, when my elder child was diagnosed with epilepsy. The first time he had a seizure, he was shaking vigorously, we didn't know what to do, we didn't expect it, we didn't know what was going on. After his seizure, he lay there motionless, not moving. I felt my whole life flash before my eyes, I really thought the worst had happened. He lay there, not moving, not breathing, his head limp and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. I will never forget that image, that is the image that will always be my fuel, it will always remind me that every time I feel like giving up, I shall not, I can not, I will not give up.

Epileptic seizures can happen at any time, they are not planned and there is no warning. If my son has a seizure, his mother has to rush him to hospital, I have a daughter too, who will pick her up from school. Someone always needs to be there.

I knew, working in these jobs, where I was never really happy anyway was not the way forward for me. I already felt something was missing, I already knew I didn't want to be part of the rat race every morning, I didn't want to work my butt off every day to make someone else's dream come true. I was fed up of hearing the same conversation from colleagues every Monday about how plastered they got over the weekend, and come Wednesday, they were wishing their week away and on Friday, they were getting ready to get plastered again. Each to their own, there is nothing wrong with that, that's what they love but that life was not for me.

For me, spending time with loved ones was more important, for me, I wanted to do the things that I loved with the people that I loved. I didn't need a Lamborghini, I didn't need the diamond encrusted watches and the thousand pound suits. All materialistic things can be replaced, the only things that cannot be replaced is Time.

I set out on a mission to take all the experience that I had picked up in my career, I learned everything I could and started all my online ventures. 

Then I soon realised that all these online courses, these 'Gurus' and these teachers, they are all American. They are experienced in America, in the American market, yet they are here in the UK websites selling the American Dream to the naive young Brits when they didn't even understand how the UK market works. This added more fuel to my fire, my determination to succeed increased. Not only do I need to create more time for my family, I need to protect my fellow Brits from spending thousands on American based courses. I learned the market, I started my own business, I took what I learned from these Gurus and added my British flip to it for the British market, I succeeded so quick, I was able to quit my job and be there for the people that needed me the most.

I then set out to educate the UK crowd, people started to see value in my content, they appreciated my honesty and through me, many have them have become successful Entrepreneurs. The success I now see in others, makes me proud, it makes me realise that there is success in many people from all ages, the only thing that has stopped people is guidance. Some people just need a nudge in the right direction and when I see them succeed, it makes me so proud and it makes me want to continue what I do. I want my children to remember their father as someone who helps people. No one becomes poor by giving.

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