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Welcome the free print on demand dropshipping course. Here you will find a complete step by step beginners guide tutorial on how to start a print on demand drop shipping business. There are no gimmicks here, it's exactly as it says on the tin, completely free.

I, Sarwar from The Financial Freedom Network on Youtube have put together a compilation of videos that I have created to help you get you started

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Part 1 - Introduction to Print on Demand Dropshipping Course

In this video, I introduce you to the course and talk a little about who I am. This video will give you a guideline of what to expect throughout this course

Part 2 - What is Print on Demand Dropshipping

In this video I break down, what is dropshipping. There are different types of e-commerce drop shipping models such as Shopify dropshipping, Amazon and Ebay dropshipping and Print On Demand Dropshipping. I talk about how they work and how print on demand fits into the drop shipping business model.

By learning how the different models work, you will understand some of the fundamental differences so you do not get this confused with other similar business models

Part 3 - Nich Research

In this video, I talk about niche research and show you how to find the right niche for you to start selling on for your print on demand business. Below are links to some of the software I use in the video

Part 4 - Product Research

In this video I explain the importance of doing product research before you start to create and list items to sell online. The reason it is important is so that you can find products that have a good potential to sell. It's great to be innovative but to get to that level, you need to know what works so learn about the hype train, ride it and see what sells

Part 5 - How to design T-Shirts

The 3 softwares I use in this tutorial are listed below.

Canva for completing designs, Creative Fabrica to get artwork and Placeit to create professional images

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