Welcome to the How To Sell on Ebay section by Sarwar Uddin from The Financial Freedom Network.

Below you will find tutorial for Ebay selling so click on the guide that you are looking for.

Ebay selling support group

Join the free Ebay selling support group. It is a community of sellers on Ebay who buy and sell physical products, not drop shipping. Connecting with other like minded sellers will really help you improve your business, if you have any questions whether it be simple or complex, feel free to post your question in there and someone will be happy to assist you. Just like other will assist you, you can support others and that is what makes it a great community. With new members joining everyday, the community is growing Click here to join the group

Listing an item

When you are listing an item on Ebay, it is important that you fill in all the relevant information required to help you products get found by the relevant type of customers. Also you want to pay attention to the way you take pictures, as pictures paint a thousand word and it is by far the most important thing for a listing to be successful. In this tutorial you will find out everything you need to know when starting out and listing your first few items so that you can get started and get your products live on Ebay Click here to read the blog

How to build a winning title

Building a winning title for your product is a key part of getting found on Ebay. When someone comes to shop on Ebay, they either browae through the categories on Ebay or the go to the search back and enter a specific set of key words to find a product that fits their needs. Now if  you learn how to build a winning title on Ebay, you increase the chances of getting found by the relevant type of customer and that is important because if your product appears in front of the right type of customer you are more likely to sell Click here to read the blog

Get all your weekly shopping paid for

This is not a competition or a prize draw raffle, this is a genuine tactic that I used to have my shopping paid for every week. Over the years of selling on Ebay, I have gained alot of experience to become savvy enough to use Supermarket deals to my advantage. I show you exactly how I use my local supermarket deals to find winning products to sell on Ebay. I then make enough profit off these items to cover the cost of my weekly shop. This will be a great way to also build some experience for selling on Ebay. Click here to read the blog

Ebay Selling Fees Explained

When you are selling on Ebay, there will be fees associated with sales which is important for you to understand so you can calculate how much potential profit you will make. There are listing fees, final value fees and Paypal fees. You need to know the difference between the 3 and when you will have to pay them. I also show you a free calculator that you can use to help you calculate how much you will pay on fees and after all expenses including cost of product and shipping, how much profit you will potentially make. Click here to read the blog