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10 Trending Products to Sell on Amazon and Ebay for Coronavirus 2020

What has changed from normal?

Due to Coronavirus (Covid 19) Many hot selling items have now changed as personal hygiene products are now trending on Amazon and Ebay and it is great time to capitalise on the high rising demands for these type of products

Don't be greedy

As a business owner it is important to stay profitable but do not get greedy. A number of sellers have been hiking their prices to unfair levels, fully taking advantage of this global pandemic. Do not be one of these sellers as Amazon and Ebay are working on suspending these types of sellers. Of course you have to stay profitable so you are welcome to make your profit but also be ethical as customers will remember the businesses that had the supply during the tough times but they will also remember the business that over charged during these tough times.

Watch the video

In the related video below I give examples of 10 different products that have taken a sudden rise in trend on Google

Have a look at the trend

There are certain products around personal hygiene that have taken a sudden boost in searches.

If people are searching for these products then there is certainly a very good possibility of selling these products. The search for Bidets have taken a sudden rise as the fight for toilet paper in supermarkets has got some people fed up.

The above is just one example, there are many other products that have taken a sudden increase in searches as mentioned in the video above

Hand Synthesizers and Face Masks

Both Ebay and Amazon have taken a strict approach to these products as there is a genuine global pandemic happening in 2020 and many unjust sellers are falsely labelling products and over charging for these products so many of them listings have been taken down and many new listings are not being approved. For that reason is it time for you to consider selling alternative products.

Here are 10 Trending Products that are selling well on Amazon due to Coronavirus

1) Theremometers - (Check on Amazon US) (Check on Amazon UK)

2) Soap Dispenser - (Check on Amazon US) (Check on Amazon UK)

3) Soap - (Check on Amazon US) (Check on Amazon UK)

4) Bathroom Cleaner - (Check on Amazon US) (Check on Amazon UK)

5) Toilet Cleaner - (Check on Amazon US) (Check on Amazon UK)

6) Bidet - (Check on Amazon US) (Check on Amazon UK)

7) Dettol - (Check on Amazon US) (Check on Amazon UK)

8) Air Purifiers - (Check on Amazon US) (Check on Amazon UK)

9) Hand Wash - (Check on Amazon US) (Check on Amazon UK)

10) Disposable Gloves - (Check on Amazon US) (Check on Amazon UK)

Is there a better way to find products to dropship from Home Depot to eBay?

Watch the Full Video to check out how they are trending now

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