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Why I stopped Dropshipping from Aliexpress and use the Best Alternative in 2020

Aliexpress is the most popular dropshipping supplier, whether you drop ship on Shopify, Ebay, Amazon on any other e-commerce platform. This is because it is so easy to start drop shipping from Aliexpress but then you need to ask yourself, is that a good thing?

The easier it is, the lower the barrier to entry, meaning the more competition you face and the the harder it will become for you to grow an established business because you will always be fighting to find new products. As soon as you find something good, others will jump on the band wagon.

Watch the full video below to see how I go into detail about why I stopped drop shipping from Aliexpress after processing thousands of orders.

If you have been dropshipping from Aliexpress for long you will already be aware of some of the obstacles that you may face.


  • Long Times to Process Orders

  • Constantly changing prices

  • Not using the shipping method you selected

  • Not even cheap anymore

Although Aliexpress is great to start off with as a beginner, millions of products to choose from, the more time goes on, the more you realise that you are constantly working in your dropshipping business and not on your drop shipping business.

It is now time to take your business to the next level.

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Who is the best Alternative?

The supplier I recommend to use is CJ Dropshipping

and below are 10 reasons as to why you should consider using them

  1. Faster Shipping

  2. Faster Processing

  3. Source from Chinese Suppliers

  4. Personal Dedicated Agent

  5. Can buy wholesale

  6. Can use US or China Warehouse

  7. Ship from China to US in 4-8 business days

  8. Can Private label products

  9. Cheaper than Aliexpress

  10. Deal with only one supplier, not 100,000

So above are 10 reasons as to why I switched over to CJ Dropshipping however that is quite a bold claim to make so I will help you understand why I can justify the 10 reasons I mentioned above

Faster Shipping and Processing

As you can see from the two images above, the order was created on 21st September 2019

The item was delivered on 7th October 2019

resulting in the item being delivered to UK in 16 days from the order being created.

Source from Chinese Suppliers

If they do not have a product in their product catalogue, you can put in a sourcing request.

CJ Dropshipping will then get in touch with the supplier/manufacturer and negotiate a price for you. Once they have done that, they will then list the item on to their own database for you to sell that product. They also work with suppliers like 1688 who are only for the Chinese market.

They are able to do this because they have Chinese warehouse so they bring the product into their own Chinese warehouse and then ship internationally from their.

Personal Dedicated Agent

When you register to CJ Dropshipping you get a personal agent assigned to your account. This is great because then the service for you becomes more personalised and as you do more business, your relationship will grow and negotiate better deals.

Can Buy Wholesale in US and China Warehouse

When you dropship, you mostly work with single order products. Your customer buys off you, then you purchase from the supplier to ship to the customer.

Once you become more established and you find a winning product or products, you can speak to your agent and negotiate to purchase the product in bulk.

This will result in a lower cost per product for you and increase your profits.

With bulk order products, you can store in the CJ warehouse for free and also have an option to ship to their US warehouse

Ship from China to US in 4-8 business days

On many products, CJ Dropshipping offer USPS shipping to US. This will deliver the item in 4-8 business days to US after the processing time and the cost only costs a fractionally more than Epacket.

Have a look at the image below to see the price comparison of Epacket to USPS on the same product.

Can Private Label Products

If you want to take your business to the next level and start selling your brand then CJ have the option to allow you to private label your products. This will help you build a brand in the long term and once you have an established brand then people will start to come back to you and trust in your products as long as you work on providing good quality products and focus on maintaining a good service

Cheaper than Aliexpress

Often once you source in a product and compare the price vs Aliexpress, you will see that CJ are cheaper.

This is when you compare Aliexpress with Epacket VS CJ Dropshipping with Epacket or CJ Packet

Deal with 1 supplier, no 100,000

The thing with Aliexpress is, it has millions of products sold by over 100,000 different suppliers so if you sell multiple products, you will always be dealing with different suppliers giving you a different service. If you compare that to CJ, then you will see that you are only dealing with one company and through 1 personal agent

Final Verdict

Whilst this whole post may seem negative towards Aliexpress, let's not forget that they probably have the biggest catalogue of products. They are also a very well established company and very beginner friendly.

You can always start with Aliexpress but when you are ready to your business to the next level, that is when it is better to start to work with companies like CJ Dropshipping

Watch the video at the top to get more in depth details about how it all works

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