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Best Dropshipping Supplier for eBay

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Why do I need a supplier for drop shipping on eBay?

When running an eBay dropshipping business it is important to use a drop shipping supplier that works with drop shippers and also complies with the terms set by eBay for drop shipping. Not following the correct policies on eBay can cause your account to get suspended as mentioned in the eBay drop shipping policy here

What do I look for in a supplier?

On eBay there are millions of products to chooses from, shoppers are spoilt for choice and it is a website where millions of people shop on a daily bases so the opportunity to sell is fantastic.

When you are drop shipping you are not holding stock so you can always manage your inventory, get rid of non sellers and bring in new fresh products daily. As a drop shipper you have not risked capital to buy stock, everything is managed online and the supplier will hold the stock.

Retail Websites are not suppliers

When you come across videos on YouTube, posts on Facebook or Reddit etc, you will see that most people drop ship from retailer like Wallmart, The Home Depot, Lowes, Argos, Asda etc.

These are not actually suppliers, they are retail websites that are high street companies that sell to customers directly. They are not there for people to drop ship however people do it anyway because many people come on eBay to buy and do not want to shop around on different website. Yes you can sell these products at a markup.

a) it is against eBay policy to use retailers to drop ship from them

b) it is against most retailers policies to drop ship their products

Although it's still possible to drop ship from these retailers sites, it is against both eBay and their policies to drop ship these type of product and can result in your account getting shut down.

Marketplaces are not suppliers

Another list of recommended suppliers you may come across is Amazon, Aliexpress, Banggood etc.

Marketplaces are websites that have products from various suppliers so think of it as a shopping mall filled with many shops selling individual products. When you fulfil orders, although you will be going to the Mall to buy these items, you will actually be purchasing from individual suppliers.

This is also against eBay policies to drop ship from Marketplaces as these are also business to customer websites.

When you drop ship from Amazon to eBay, items come in an Amazon branded box so this is not good for eBay customers as Amazon are the biggest competitors of eBay.

Ebay is more lenient towards Aliexpress because they work closely with drop shippers and you can request for invoices to not be sent out to customers so you can mask that you are drop shipping. You can also get in contact with suppliers on Aliexpress to work with them directly so you no longer are fulfilling orders Aliexpress as you will be working directly with suppliers which is absolutely fine with eBay.

Wholesale drop shipping suppliers

Wholesale drop shipping suppliers are exactly what exactly eBay want you to work with on eBay when you are dropshipping as this is what is stated in their drop shipping policy.

Wholesale suppliers are not business to customer sites, they are sites that work directly with with drop shipping business to provide products to be drop shipped on to different platform like Shopify and eBay etc.

When people think of wholesale they think that they need to purchase the product in advance however that is not the case with wholesale dropshipping suppliers.

The reason most people don't use these type of suppliers is because it has been extremely difficult to work with them.

They usually have a supply of a few hundred products and that is nothing compared to the hundreds of thousands of products available on Wallmart, millions on Amazon or tens of millions on Aliexpress.

Also registering with them has been difficult too so most people just choose not to go down that hassle.

This has changed now with companies like CJ Dropshipping who can pretty much source in most product from Aliexpress. They are free to register with, no monthly subscription required or annual fee.

They are a company based in china who have sourcing agents working for them who contact manufacturers in China to get you deals on products from Aliexpress.

How does CJ Dropshipping work?

Their business model is pretty simple really.

1) If you find a product on Aliexpress, you contact your sourcing agent who will then get you a quote

2) You can then list the product on eBay after they get you details of the product

3) Once you make a sale on eBay, you can then purchase the item on CJ to send to the customer

4) CJ will bring the product in to their own warehouse from the manufacturer and ship directly to the customer

5) If a product start to sell well for you, you can then purchase this item in bulk at a reduced price and store in their warehouse for free.

You can get more details on how to start dropshipping on eBay using CJ Dropshipping as supplier here

The video below will also give you more of an idea of how CJ Dropshipping works

Ebay requires you to work with Wholesale suppliers when dropshipping which is something that CJ Dropshipping are.

They also require you to state the correct location, where your products are being sent from, which CJ also do.

If you would like a complete step by step guide on how to start drop shipping on eBay then you can learn here

What about long shipping time from China?

This is probably one of the most common questions that comes up when people think of using sup[pliers from China and its also understandable as why this is a common question.

When you are a business, you need to understand the market and not sell based on personal preference. This is because you may be accustomed to fast delivery times through Amazon however you are just you and you are not the world.

You see when dropship from China, you are not only selling to the US market, nor the UK market, you are selling all over the world. Most places around the world do not have access to the database of products on Amazon, that is why it a great way of you bringing these products to everyone all over the world. Most people don't mind waiting for the right product if you can put it in front of them at the right price. As a matter of fact, have a look at this video below to see why long shipping times should not be a problem for you

If you would like to now start an eBay drop shipping business from CJ Dropshipping then you can follow our step by step guide just like thousands of other who are now dropshipping on eBay using our guides. You can get access below

Step by Step Guide on how to drop ship on eBay using wholesale supplier

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