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10 Best Products to Sell & Dropship in April 2020

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

What to sell in April 2020

If you are looking for the best selling items to sell in your dropshipping business in April 2020 then we have you covered. We have hand picked 10 drop shipping products that are either selling really well or rising in trend. Whether you drop ship on Shopify, Amazon, Ebay or any other online ecommerce platform then you need to pay close attention to the products we recommend as we have done the product research to recommend these products.

How are these the best products?

You may have come across many 'posts' and 'claims' but how many can be backed by actual sales data? We have taken the exact figures from Aliexpress, real people buying real products, following real trends. The software we used is Zik Analytics which tracks products on Aliexpress with their Ali growth scanner tool.

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10 Best Selling Products to sell in April 2020

Below are the 10 products we have found that are selling really well and we have also linked the products for you to check out directly.

  1. Resistant Bands

  2. Womens Crop Top

  3. Smart TV Android Box

  4. KingSpec SSD

  5. i7s TWS

  6. Ergonomic Baby Carrier

  7. Respirator Gas Mask

  8. Car Air Horn

  9. B57 Smart Watch

  10. KINGSEVEN Natural Wooden Sunglasses

Resistant Bands

This 17 Piece Resistant band set has had a nice consistent growth in sales over the last 30 days.

With consistent growth, there is a likelihood that this will continue to sell well well. At this moment in time with the global pandemic causing many countries to go into lockdown and people being forced to stay home, more and more people want to be working out at home.

Womens Crop Top

It's not hard to understand why this Fashion Women Sexy Crop Top has started to see a rise in sales. With summer around the corner and this top selling for under $4, more consumers are buying this and more drop shippers are choosing to sell this product. Womens fashion is a big industry and products like this will continue to see a rise in the months to come

Smart TV Android Box

We have included this RK3318 Smart TV Box because it has had a consistent amount of sales and a recent rise. Another product that has had a rise due to a global lockdown. With more people not stuck at home, they will be looking for home entertainment devises to pass time and Android boxes a very affordable with the potential to provide an unlimited amount of content.

KingSpec SSD

The KingSpec SSD has seen a recent rise in sales because more people are now using their PC's to store media. What else is there to do at home when in lockdown? Well, how about downloading videos, games and other media. Big files do require big storage so that is why this is a great product to sell in April 2020.

i7s TWS

We have included the i7s TWS because this product has been selling consistently throughout the year. Global pandemic or not, this items continues to stray strong in sales. It is evident that people are seeing this product and are confident in parting with their cash to buy it.

Ergonomic Baby Carrier

This Ergonomic Baby Carrier has been selling consistently and has seen a recent rise in sales too.

There will always be new babies and parents want to ensure their babies are close and safe. Now more than ever, it is important to keep a close eye on infants and what better way than keeping then close to your chest.

Respirator Gas Mask

This Respirator gas mask has seen a sudden rise in sales and although it may seem a little off, we are not surprised. With Ebay and Amazon blocking new listings of N95 and surgical masks and Facebook also not allowing ads, people are selling other types of masks and consumers are wanting to be safe than sorry and taking it to the next level. Think what you like, the sales speak for themselves.

Car Air Horn

This Car Air horn took a rise, then dipped and is now back on the rise. People are in lockdown and there are more vigilantes roaming the streets trying to get people to stay indoors or maybe they just want a loud horn for their bike. Whatever it is, the sales on this product have been going through the roof.

B57 Smart Watch

The B57 Smart Watch is another home workout related product on our list. What better way to track your progress then using a smart watch. The B57 is stylish, affordable and a great device for Android users. The recent rise in sales and the volume of sales is definitely something to keep in mind.

KINGSEVEN Natural Wooden Sunglasses

The Kingseven Wooden Sunglasses range has been a popular product for a while and with summer just around the corner, it is about to get a whole lot more popular. These stylish sunglasses are affordable and can be sold at a good mark up.

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