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10 Best Products to Sell & Dropship in May 2020

Updated: May 8, 2020

What to sell in May 2020

If you are looking for the best selling items to sell in your dropshipping business in May 2020 then we have you covered. We have hand picked 10 drop shipping products that are either selling really well or rising in trend. Whether you drop ship on Shopify, Amazon, Ebay or any other online eCommerce platform then you need to pay close attention to the products we recommend as we have done the product research to recommend these products.

How are these the best products?

You may have come across many 'posts' and 'claims' but how many can be backed by actual sales data? We have taken the exact figures from Aliexpress, real people buying real products, following real trends. The software we used is Zik Analytics which tracks products on Aliexpress with their Ali growth scanner tool.

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10 Best Selling Products to sell in May 2020

Below are the 10 products we have found that are selling really well and we have also linked the products for you to check out directly.

  1. Yoga Mat

  2. Nail Machine

  3. Dog Car Seat Cover

  4. Hair Extensions

  5. Bluetooth Headphones

  6. Tall Ring Light

  7. Hair Clippers

  8. Straw Bucket Bag

  9. Waist Trainer

  10. Yoga Pants

Yoga Mat

This Yoga Mat has had some consistent sales and now been rising recently. Of course with the current global pandemic, more people are working out at home and Yoga Mat sales are on fire. This specific product has had nearly 15,000 sales and with a rise in trend, plenty more to come

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Nail Machine

This Electric Nail Drill Machine has sold over 22,000 and with a very consistent amount of sales, it's safe to say that this will continue to sell throughout may. Many people are not able to get there manicures done by professionals at this moment in time so the next best thing is doing it yourself at home.

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Dog Car Seat Cover

Dog Car Seat Covers have been selling really well and will continue to do so. Pets are an important part of peoples lives and so are cars. You want to ensure your pets are comfortable and at the same time if you are taking your pet for a ride, you want to protect your seats too. Check this out. nearly 18,000 sales.

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Hair Extensions

These Hair Extensions have been selling really well recently and as a matter of fact, hair extensions have a huge market. This particular product has had over 7000 orders and with prices ranging from $40-$200+, these are pretty high ticket items and with the opportunity to get some really nice profits.

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Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones have so many varieties but this pair that we have linked here have been getting some large orders recently and the numbers seem to be very consistent. With over 7000 orders and rising, they have a very simple slick design that has been proven to be a hit with customers.

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Tall Ring Light

This Tall Ring Light has had nearly 3000 orders and will continue to sell well as social media continues to rise. More and more people are wanted to create good quality Tik Tok videos and with them being stuck at home, why not use the time to get Tik Tok famous.

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Hair Clippers

Hair Clipper sales are booming because barbers are closed and people need a trim. This specific set is rising and with over 7000 orders already, you can see why. With a variety of attachments and digital display 4.8 star reviews, this is proving to be a hit.

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Straw Bucket Bag

This Straw Bucket Bag has had some great reviews and with over 4000 orders we can see a very consistent amount of sales. Proving to be a hit with the ladies, summer just around the corner, this bag is proving to be a hit for the fresh new look

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Waist Trainer

Another products that's selling really well due to the global pandemic. This Waist Trainer has had over 11,000 orders and we can see a rise in the trend too. The ladies and utilising their time at home and getting the waist ready for summer

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Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants have been great sellers for a while and with such a large variety out there, what should you go for? Well this specific design has sold over 12,000 times and with a good consistent sales history and rise in trend, you can expect this to do pretty well throughout May.

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