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Chinese New Year and National Holidays 2020 - Dropshipping from China

If you run a dropshipping business and you source your items from Aliexpress or other Chinese suppliers then it is important that you prepare your business for the upcoming national holidays in 2020. Your business will certainly be impacted however it is not as bad as it is made out to be like many people make it out to be on social media.

The first thing to understand is, that there certainly will be an impact, lower sales but use the information in this post to reduce any potential problems that may arise.

When is the Chinese new year and other national holidays in 2020

The Chinese new year falls on January 25th 2020. Although it is 1 day, many businesses take about a week off, just like the western New Year, many businesses will be closed from Christmas Eve till after new year.

Below are some of the major holidays where your store may be impacted

January 24th to 30th 2020 – Chinese New Year

April 4th 2020 – Qing Ming Jie (Tomb Sweeping Day)

May 1st 2020 – Labor Day

June 25th 2020 – Dragon Boat Festival

September 27th 2020 – Mid Autumn Festival

October 1st – 7th 2020 – National Holidays

New years days falls on January 25th so you can think of January 24th as New years eve and then followed by a few days off. This is really the holiday that has the biggest impact in the year.

You should also note that just because the 24th would be New years eve, many factories may have the week prior to that off or may focus on back orders so you should assume that they may stop processing orders around a week before.

The best thing that you should do is contact your supplier to get exact dates so you can provide the most accurate information to your customers.

Also many business may come back to work on the 31st of January but you should also assume that they will come back to a big back log of orders which may further delay your orders being processed.

What should I do?

If you are running a drop shipping business from China, whether it be Shopify or Amazon, or even Aliexpress to Ebay Dropshipping you need to change your shipping and processing times.

For Shopify sellers, you may want to increase the delivery times you state, with Ebay and Amazon you should change your shipping policies to show increased handling or delivery times.

It will not just be warehouses that will be impacted, it is most businesses in China so let us assume that shipping companies will be affected too.

Better to be safe than sorry

Something that you should always consider in your business is overstating delivery times rather than understating.

e.g if you expect an item to be delivered in 2 weeks, state 3 weeks.

If next day, state 2-3 days etc

The reason being is, if an item is delivered faster than a customers expectations then they will be happy. If an item has reached the maximum delivery time stated then the customer has every right to be concerned and may start to raise a concern with Ebay or Amazon and maybe even start to process charge backs with their card provider or Paypal.

How do I be safe?

To be safe, you want to increase your shipping estimates to reflect your products. On 1st of Feb, you should be OK to switch everything back to normal.

If business closed on 24th and some would be going off a week sooner or be busy piling in the stock the week before, lets assume that in the coming up week, these businesses will also be impacted so this means that it may get delayed for the whole week.

This pushes us back to 17th January.

Now lets not forget that logistic companies do also get affected so we need to give our business some time for the packages to leave the country so we will really need to add an extra week on top of that which pushes us back to Friday 10th January.

To play it safe, any orders processed from 6th January, I would add up to an extra 10-15 business days delivery time or 2-3 weeks more than usual.

Some may think this is going a little extreme but it is better for you in 2 ways.

Will it slow down your sales, certainly it will

If you are Shopify seller then you will be protecting yourself against charge backs.

If you are an Ebay or Amazon seller then you will be protecting your account because you are always at their mercy and want to make sure that you keep their customers happy and are honest so you can keep your privilege of selling on their platform.

If you are selling from multiple supplier on Aliexpress, then you will have to contact every supplier you use if you want more exact dates. This is why there are other alternatives that you can use that act as sourcing agents for Aliexpress products. You can find more information in our post Best Dropshipping Supplier

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