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Ebay Dropshipping Policy - How to dropship on eBay 2020

how to dropship on ebay

If you have been wanting to learn about eBay dropshipping and been searching for tutorials on how to dropship on eBay, you may have asked the question?

“Are you allowed to dropship on eBay?”

It's easy to be left confused because there is so much contradicting information online

So many people talking about different strategies on Facebook groups, someone you have been following on YouTube may tell you one thing but when you watch another video, someone else is telling you something completely different. Then you may see a CEO of an eBay dropshipping software post online adding their opinion to the topic so who should you follow and what is the right way to dropship on eBay?

Well do not worry because first of all, I want you to take a step back and reset EVERYTHING you think you know about eBay dropshipping, ignore your favourite 'guru' and then turn to eBay themselves and see what they say.

Here is the official eBay’s dropshipping policy:

the official eBay dropshipping policy as stated on the eBay help centre
eBay dropshipping policy

Now after reading that, you are probably thinking, why is your favourite influencer/CEO/mentor showing you dropshipping from Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Argos, George, Aliexpress etc.

Well there are 2 reasons. If you are watching old videos and reading old Blogs then strategies have changed and you probably may have not caught up with the most up to date content.

The second reason is, they don't really care about you and they are only focused on lining up their own pockets because these old strategies lead to many suspensions and demoted accounts. In the end by the time you find out that you are following a bad strategy, it is too late to get a refund on your course/mentorship plan and the software developers will tell you to list more but when you list more, you will be taking our a bigger subscription with them.

Unfortunately this is the harsh reality.

You are probably thinking to yourself, why am I any different as I myself am an influencer.

Well that is an absolute valid question so the straight honest answer to that is I follow a one fundamental philosophy which is to deliver the best version of myself and focus on delivering value. By delivering value to people, it will build trust and then the money will just be a natural by product of the content I deliver.

The most common beginner questions

Will the customer find an invoice in the package?

Will it be delivered in an Amazon/Walmart box?

Guess what, when you are dropshipping from Retail Suppliers, you have very little control over this so this is another reason that you should not be following the common narrative online about eBay dropshipping.

I have personally come across a couple of videos on YouTube who have posted their success stories about eBay dropshipping from retail suppliers, I will not name the videos as I do not want bring any negativity to them because people may misunderstand my point here.

You can certainly start using retail suppliers, it will be OK for a couple of month but the real problems start once eBay detect that you are dropshipping from retail suppliers.

If you are looking for a strategy that shows you a compliant way to dropship on eBay then I show you a step by step guide in the video below

Why has eBay done this?

Although one can speculate why eBay has enforced such a policy, let's look at some of the logical reasons.

There was a time where eBay fully supported dropshipping from big brand retailers and marketplaces like Amazon so when they did, many software companies built some really good automated softwares to help make the business model really easy.

Although that was a good thing, it also reduced the barrier to entry and many get rich quick wannabes started to come into the industry. They focused mainly on getting big sales numbers, getting as much as they can out the door without actually caring what happens to the customer and not dealing with customer service queries.

They would often cancel out of stock orders, not deal with queries and that would ultimately affect the reputation of eBay.

This is one of the main reasons why eBay have enforced this policy but software developers and gurus still tell you differently because the harder it is to dropship on eBay, the less likely you are to buy their service so they continue to push their own narrative.

How to dropship on eBay

It's still possible to dropship on eBay as the policy states but just stop using retail suppliers.

The way I show in the above video is to find products on Aliexpress but instead of listing straight from Aliexpress (which is against eBay the eBay policy), I use a wholesale dropshipping supplier called CJ Dropshipping who can source in most products from Aliexpress so instead of selling from Aliexpress, you will be selling from CJ.

This is a dropshipping strategy from China and I understand that some people may not want to dropship from China because they have a misconception that people on eBay do not buy from China however I clearly prove that incorrect in the video above.

If you are still adamant that you prefer to use local suppliers then go on to Google and find wholesale suppliers. Contact them and ask them if they support dropshipping. Create a template email that you can send to multiple suppliers. If they get back to you and tell you that they do, then great, find out how you can list their items on eBay and work with the wholesale suppliers directly to dropship their products which is completely fine with the eBay dropshipping policy.

Things I mention in the video above









Comment below if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer

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