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eBay item location policy Zip Code Update for drop shipping

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Will this affect my eBay dropshipping business?

Yes. With the new eBay item location zip code policy update, your drop shipping business will certainly be affected on eBay dropshipping because you may be selling products from retail suppliers, drop shipping from China or using wholesale suppliers for your eBay drop shipping business and you are not always going to know exactly where the item will be sent from

How will you be affected?

This can affect you in many ways however eBay does not give you a concrete answer on this and leaves the impact open ended so this means that is can potentially not affect you at all or even leave you with a suspension. To understand more about this, have a look at the image below to see the exact item location policy set by eBay

As you can see from the above image, eBay can potentially end or cancel your listings, hide or demote all listings from search results, lower seller rating, buying or selling restrictions, loss of buyer or seller protections, and account suspension.

The key information here is though, eBay use the word 'could' so it does not mean that they 100% will take action and it will more than likely be looked at on a case by case basis

Who does it affect the most?

There are different types of drop shippers on eBay so let's have a look at a few of them

Amazon to eBay drop shippers

Aliexpress to eBay drop shippers

Wholesale drop shippers

Wall Mart, Lowes, The Home Depot etc to eBay drop shippers

The ones that will really be affected are those that do Retail dropshipping so Amazon, Wall Mart, Lowes etc. I cover off in detail about these type of drop shippers in the Blog post

Best Dropshipping Supplier for eBay

Retail drop shippers are the the type of businesses that have the lease amount of control over their business because retailers send out their products from various locations so it is almost impossible to pinpoint exactly where an item will be coming from.

If you drop ship from China based suppliers or Aliexpress then this new Zip Code policy will not actually affect you because it is not a requirement for you to enter Zip Code / Post Code information for products located in China. However if the problem does arise, I give the solution in the video below

What is the best solution?

If you are doing retail drop shipping then it is time for you to seriously consider moving over to drop shipping from China or better still, use wholesale suppliers.

Wholesale suppliers usually have specific warehouses so you will know what to put as item location. Personally I have been using a supplier called CJ Dropshipping who have a very dynamic system and deliver items faster than Aliexpress.

If you would like more information on how to start dropshipping using wholesale suppliers then you can get the Free eBay Dropshipping Guide here

Get your free guide so you get more of an understanding of how it all works and this will help you to start dropshipping the way eBay expects you to drop ship.

If you would like to now start an eBay drop shipping business from CJ Dropshipping then you can follow our step by step guide just like thousands of others who are now dropshipping on eBay using our guides. You can get access below

Step by Step Guide on how to drop ship on eBay using wholesale supplier

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