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Ebay Title Builder Optimizer - How to build winning SEO titles for Ebay

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

If you want your products to get ranked high on Ebay and get more sales then you need to use SEO on your titles to drive more traffic to your products so you can get found by more people on Ebay which can potentially lead to more sales for your Ebay products. This is part of the How To Sell On Ebay Series

What is title SEO?

The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When you search for something on Ebay, you are using it's Cassini search engine to match you with products that are relevant for your search.

If you learn how to optimize your titles for the search engine then your products are more likely to be found by the relevant type of customer who would be more likely to buy your product

How do I build the most effective titles?

The first thing that you need to do is think like a buyer and not a seller. Look at the product you are about to list and if you wanted to buy it, what will you search for. There are 2 main ways to target customers via titles and that is by brand/product and the second is via description.

So let me give you an example. If you were to list an Apple watch, then the type of customer that will be search for an Apple watch in specific, they will search Apple watch, followed by the model number, make or year etc.

The second way is via description of its style, so if someone wanted an Apple watch with a red strap, they may search for Apple watch red strap.

You want to use the most effective key words that will best describe your product so when people are looking for certain specifics, your item will be put in front of them and may match their criteria. Also Ebay allows you to use up to 80 characters on your title so you want to use all the 80 character to make it the most effective title possible also ensuring that you do not use the same word more than once and finally you want your most relevant key words at the start of the title as the first few words have the biggest impact.

I need ideas of what words to use?

Although you may know alot about the product itself, when building a title, many times your mind can go blank and you may struggle to find keywords that are relevant to your products.

So the first thing you want to do is go on to Ebay and start search for your product and use the recommendation that Ebay gives to start of your title.

Look at the images below to get an idea of how it works

This is a maxi dress with long sleeves and long sleeves so if someone wanted to buy something like this item on Ebay, they would search for Long Sleeve Maxi Dress Floral

As you can see that when you search for something like that, Ebay gives you a recommendation of a group of search terms. This is because Ebay collects data of what people are searching for and gives you the most relevant search terms related to your search.

What you want to do is find longest collection of keywords have put together and use that at the start of your title and then fill in the rest with relevant keywords as people will click on these suggestions and you will have used all these words as collection on your title.

How do I get more suggestions?

This is where tools come in. There are a number of tools available online that can help you fill in the gaps. Some are free and some are not.

The free tools include Keyword Tool and Title Builder on both of these you can put in your search term and the tool will give you some recommended key words that may be related to your product.

There are also more premium tools like Zik Analytics which also gives you ranking of key words as well as competition so you can really use this to your advantage as you can find high ranked keywords with good sales and low competition which will result in better conversions for your products.

Zik Analytics is not only a title builder though, it is also a powerful product research tool which can help you search for what type of products are selling so before you buy items to sell on Ebay, you can check how likely it is to sell. Some people believe that you need thousands of items to run a successful business when the fact is, you only really need a couple hundred good selling items that sell regularly to make what could be potentially a full time income for most.

Below is a full tutorial on how you can use the Zik Analytics title builder tool to build quality items for your store

Do I need to be the cheapest for my items to sell?

This is a common misconception that people have on Ebay and then go into unnecessary price wars until they get minimal profits for their products.

Take yourself out of a sellers shoes for a moment and put yourself into a buyers shoes.

The product on top costs more, has sold 18 times and the product below, costs less and when I clicked into the item, it only sold 4 times and it is ranked lower.

Ebay does not only favour lowest cost as you can clearly see that the product with the higher cost is ranking higher.

You see what has happened here is, the seller on top created a title and the product started to sell so the seller below then copied the title and undercut the the above seller.

However people will still likely pay that little bit more because of social proof, they will see the 18 sold and think you know what, for a little bit more, lets go with the more reputable seller.

This is why it is more effective to create your own titles and build up social proof on your own product and then in the future, you can look at more ranked keywords and drive in more traffic

Things not to do

You need to make sure that you know about the product you are selling. If you are unsure about details then search for the item on Amazon or Ebay and get some more details about the product. You do not want to list features or use words that are not relevant to your product just to get ranked on Ebay because what this will lead it is either buyers complaining that you misrepresented the product or you will drive in useless traffic to your product that will not help it sell. Ebay also takes into account sales conversion when ranking products so if you are getting a high amount of clicks and no sales, slowly these products will move down the search rankings so you really do not want to be using words that are not relevant to your product.

Also do check your spellings, the amount of times that sellers use incorrect spelling on Ebay is ridiculous, they miss out on many sales opportunities because they have not spelt words correctly.

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