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Selling Face Masks on Etsy Policy Overview

Selling Face Masks on Etsy

If you have been thinking about selling face masks because of the rise in demand but have been left in the dark by Ebay and Amazon, also Shopify removing listings and Facebook blocking ads then Etsy might just be the perfect place for you to sell face masks.

According to Google Trends, there are more and more people searching for face masks which means then is an increased demand but limited supply because sellers are not being able to put up listings on marketplaces.

Etsy have taken a brilliant approach to the current global pandemic and personally we think that Amazon and Ebay have gone a little too extreme. The reason for Ebay and Amazon are stopping new listings of face masks is price because of price gauging. They have made public statements about this and have been getting huge support from the general public about this too but if you are a seller then you know how unfair Ebay and Amazon have been.

They are removing listings from genuine sellers, sellers who have not participated in price gauging and Ebay have taken it to the extreme where they are not allowing established sellers to list dust masks, ski masks or any type of masks that are not costume related. There are a few sellers who can sell the medical masks but that's about it.

Etsy have welcome the selling of custom face masks with open arms as long as you do not make bogus claims. You are able to sell customised face masks and many people are interested in this. Watch the video below where we go into it in detail.

How well are Face Masks selling on Etsy?

According to the above image, there are hundreds of thousands of face masks being sold daily and there face masks are being searched for 9 times every second. You can read the full blog by Etsy here

Sellers are really happy about this as they are able to supply for the demand and Etsy also make it clear on their site that these are not medical masks so buyers are fully aware.

How much money can I make?

Well recently we created 2 videos

Video 1: We show you how to create your own custom Print On Demand Face Masks

Video 2: We show you how easy it is to get sales on Etsy with Face Masks

The above videos are complete step by step tutorials and people have followed our tips and started making sales within hour.

Now think about it this way, Just imagine you wanted to sell this, you will have to buy this in bulk, buying it in all different sizes with no guarantee of all of the products selling.

With print on demand it's different. You just send in the design to the printing company, they already have a plain hoodie in all sizes ready to be printed on. When you place an order, they will print the design and then ship it out to your customer so they 'print on demand'.

This then saves you the hassle of buying in bulk, hoping your idea would sell and also not having to ship the item out yourself.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is selling items that you do not hold inventory for.

So taking images of items from suppliers, listing them on platforms and once someone buys the product off you, you pay the supplier to ship the item directly to the customer. Thus resulting in you not having to handle the product or buying bulk inventory., you just keep the difference

Is Dropshiping allowed on Etsy?

Here is the policy from etsy and they refer to it as reselling

So yes you are allowed to dropship print on demand products, as long as you do not list them in the handmade category

Which Print on Demand site can I use?

ThisNew is the website we recommend in the videos above.

You can register for free, no monthly membership required and once you have registered you can browse their complete catalogue of products available for you to droship on Etsy.

Watch the videos above so you get more of an understanding of how it works.

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