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Hiring a Virtual Assistant for eBay Dropshipping

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Why should I hire a virtual assitant for my eBay dropshipping business?

When you started dropshipping on eBay you may have wanted to make money online or earn some passive income. How is that working for you without a VA (Virtual Assistant)? A Virtual Assistant can take work off you and help manage your eBay drop shipping business while you focus on other tasks to help your business grow

What does a Virtual Assistant do?

First of all think about all the tasks that you do in your business e.g

Product Research

Listing Items

Customer Service

Placing Order

Managing Items


All the above tasks require your time and time is money.

You see when you are doing all those tasks above, yes you are running a business but you are not a business owner. You are self employed.

Without you, your business will not run so you are still employed in your business.

As a business owner it works differently. You out source tasks to different people and then you just manage the people so even if you take a day off, they will still be there to manage the tasks within the business. This is where eBay drop shipping become more of a passive income

When should I hire a Virtual Assistant

This needs to be looked at on a case by case basis because each persons scenarios will be different.

The first option it time.

Many people are not able to grow their business because they are running a full time job.

When they get home, they may have other commitments such as family or other out of work activities and with only a limited number of hours in the day it is difficult for people to find 2-4 hours a day to do all the drop shipping related tasks.

Now just imagine you had someone doing all this for you and then maybe have a 10-15 minute meeting with this person daily just to catch up how things went and discuss areas for improvement. With all that time you will free up, you can then focus on finding ways to improve your business while VA's are doing the drop shipping tasks

Another scenario is when some drop shippers wait until they have make enough profit to finance a virtual assistant. Maybe they are tight on budget but have the time to manage the drop shipping business so they focus on making enough profit first to finance the VA.

With both scenarios, it is highly recommended that you fully understand the business first and become confident enough, that you know what there is to know about the business model and you can advise someone if they needs assistance

How much does a VA cost?

The cost to hire these types of VA's can vary dependant on the task

For example, if you hire a listing VA whose job is to do the product research and then list items, you can pay them per listing. $0.50=$1.00 per listing dependant on the amount of research and work that needs to go in to your listings

If you need a VA for customer services or processing orders, you can pay them by the hour, something along the lines of $2-4 per hour

Where can I hire a VA?

There are 2 external sources where I can recommend.

Online Jobs is a site dedicated to Virtual Assistants in the Philippines.

They have many VA's registered on the site and all you have to do is post a job or search a resume.

Once you find the staff member that you like, you can hire them directly from Online Jobs and then work directly with the VA

The cost to register to Online jobs is $69 per month however once you find your VA, you can cancel your subscription and more than likely you will find your VA within a few days anyway.

You can have a look at the Online jobs website here


Fiverr is a site that is full of freelancers that do all sorts of task. From creating websites, managing SEO, VA's and much more.

You can either browse through categories to search for someone that suits your criteria or you can post a job. There is no monthly subscription fee and you will only pay per job.

One you find the employee to that works best for you, then you can keep hiring the same freelancer to do your eBay drop shipping tasks

You can have a look at the Fiverr website here

How do I train a VA?

You can speak to your VA and show them tasks via a Skype call and share your screen or you can find various tutorial videos on YouTube, just share them videos to the VA to help them get an understanding of what you require and then add your own spin to it if you wish to do so.

We also have a Virtual Assistant Program which has step by step video guides which you can download and share with your VA based on our Aliexpress to eBay dropshipping strategy

Also it shows you how to dropship from wholesale suppliers on eBay with videos you can share with your VA.

Most importantly, the program includes a fully trained VA that is ready to work for you

The program also includes a service where we train and hire a VA for you so you we can set you up with a VA that is ready to do certain eBay dropshipping tasks for you

You can check out full details of our Virtual Assistant Program here

If you would like to start an eBay drop shipping business using wholesale suppliers then you can follow our step by step guide just like thousands of others who are now dropshipping on eBay using our guides. You can get access below

Step by Step Guide on how to drop ship on eBay using wholesale supplier

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