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Home Depot to eBay Dropshipping

What is Home Depot to eBay Dropshipping?

Home Depot to eBay dropshipping is listing products from The Home Depot on to eBay at a higher price than listed on Home Depot. When the product sells on eBay you then drop ship the item by entering the eBay buyers details on Home Depot and getting the item sent directly to the customer. This is dropshipping because you never have to hold the inventory in the first place

Why do people not go to Home Depot direct?

A very common question. The simple answer is brand preference. There are many items that can be found on eBay that cannot be found on Home Depot. For that reason, many people stick to the website that they use more often and easier to find products on which is Ebay as it saves people from shopping around on different websites. The convenience of not having to shop around and looking through many websites, many people just come on to eBay and look for what they want and if it is in front of them at the right price, then they just purchase the product

How do I find products that will sell?

It is pretty simple because all you have to do is go on to Home Depot and search for products with good reviews.

Home Depot

The above link will take you to the Home Depot website. You can then narrow down your searches by selecting a sub category on the left hand side of the page.

Most beginners look in the Tools section as it is the easiest category to work with, Once you become more experienced, you will be able to look into more untapped niches and do some unique product research

As you can see from the image above, I can see a product that is selling for $199.99 on Home Depot. I will then highlight most of the title and search for it on eBay as many drop shippers on eBay just copy and paste titles from Home Depot to eBay. I will specifically look for sellers who are selling this product, using the same images and selling it for more than $199.99 because that will tell me, that they have more than likely copied the information over and put their markup on there

Now if you look at the image above, you can see that their are a number of sellers who are using the same image as Home Depot and selling the product on eBay at a higher markup.

At this stage, you can then go into the sellers account and see the sold items.

Sold items will show that there is interest in the product. Find the sold items on Home Depot, get the details and then list on to your eBay store. Simple

When someone buys the item on eBay, they go over to Home Depot, buy the item on Home Depot and enter the delivery details as the buyers details from eBay.

They keep the difference.

They are able to do this with increased profits because they also use a strategy to get more profits.

What if the customer find an invoice or Home Depot packaging?

This is probably the most common question and it is a very valid question however this question is very insignificant because 95% of the time, people do not question why the item has come in a Home Depot box or packaging as people reuse boxes all the time on eBay and many times even when sellers are not dropshipping, may use Home Depot boxes.

If the customers do question it, sellers just state that they are using various distribution centres around the country and Home Depot handle some of these packages

Is there a better way to find products to dropship from Home Depot to eBay?

There are many product research tutorials on YouTube and I myself have made some detailed product research tutorials. If you are finding product research time consuming then you should check out our very own Ebay Hot Sellers list where we have already done the product research, found items that are successfully selling well on Ebay and being drop shipped from The Home Depot.

Over 500 products are added every month from both The Home Depot and many other suppliers

Are there any other suppliers I can use other than The Home Depot?

Yes, there are many others. As a matter of fact, many people are looking into suppliers like Aliexpress or Wholesale Dropshipping from China because the profit margins are much higher, you sell worldwide and are more compliant with the eBay drop shipping policy.

Although there are longer shipping times, this does not really matter because not everyone around the world has the privilege of Amazon Prime and if you can put the right product in front of the right customer at the right price, then they will buy it.

If you would like to start an eBay drop shipping business using wholesale suppliers then you can follow our step by step guide just like thousands of others who are now dropshipping on eBay using our guides. You can get access below.

Step by Step Guide on how to drop ship on eBay using wholesale suppliers

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