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How to drop ship on eBay in 2020

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

What is the best way to start eBay dropshipping in 2020?

When you you search for eBay dropshipping, you will come up with many different results from different influencers, teaching you different methods of drop shipping on eBay.

This can get confusing for those who are looking to start drop shipping on eBay because all these strategies teach different methods so how does one decide which is the best way to start dropshipping?

What does eBay say about drop shipping?

The first most obvious place to look would be to check what eBay are saying about drop shipping. There are certainly some grey areas as so many people say different things. Some say drop ship from Wallmart, Lowes, The Home Depot etc. Some say drop ship from Amazon or Aliexpress.

Although the above are possible, they are all retail websites and market places.

The above image shows exactly what eBay say about drop shipping. Although you can use Retail and Marketplaces as suppliers, it may lead to you getting ranked lower in eBay search algorithms. What sellers do in these instances is focus on listing more items onto their store to help build up traffic and increase sales.

What eBay does allow though without getting penalised is Wholesale Dropshipping, which is using wholesale suppliers to drop ship on eBay.

We do have a free wholesale dropshipping guide which you can check out which will give you guidance about wholesale drop shipping and how it works.

What is wholesale drop shipping on eBay?

Wholesale drop shipping is dropshipping on eBay using non Business to Customer suppliers.

Aliexpress, Amazon, Wallmart etc are all business to customer websites. What that basically means is, customers can go directly to these websites and purchase items directly.

Wholesale suppliers are business to business suppliers so they don't really deal with the general public.

The reason most people that dropship on eBay use retailers is because it is the easiest form of drop shipping which also means that it is the most competitive. If you really want to make money and work on a long term sustainable business, you need to look where others are not looking.

Find opportunities and gaps in the market. This is where wholesale dropshipping on eBay is the way forward in 2020 and beyond.

Normally it has been extremely difficult for drop shippers to work with wholesale suppliers because they only have a few hundred products to work with whilst sites like Wallmart have thousands, Amazon have millions and Aliexpress have tens of millions. The US, UK and Western market is not setup to supply and manufacture like China.

Wholesale sites like CJ Dropshipping have been set up in such a way where they can source nearly any product from Aliexpress and then ship it out to customers faster than Aliexpress. If you watch the video below, you will be able to get an idea of how they work

That video is really just a brief explanation of how wholesale dropshipping on eBay works however if you would like a more detailed guide then of course check out the free wholesale dropshipping guide The more you understand about how the business model works then the better it will work for you.

There are also complete Step by Step guides available which teach you all the basics of eBay dropshipping and them move on to more advanced level techniques, all in over the shoulder video tutorials which are super simple to follow. These also include dedicated support communities who will be doing the same as you so who can help you better than someone who is doing exactly what you do?

If you would like a step by step guide, then just click on the link below

Step by Step Guide on how to drop ship on eBay using wholesale supplier

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