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How to dropship on eBay from Aliexpress

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Is dropshipping on eBay allowed from Aliexpress?

The simple answer is yes because Aliexpress has thousands of drop shipping friendly suppliers on its platform and you can use the suppliers to find products do dropship on eBay from Aliexpress

Why would people buy of eBay and not go to Aliexpress directly?

Ebay is a trusted brand as is Aliexpress however many people do not know about Aliexpress. Most likely you may have heard of Aliexpress through searching about drop shipping or how to make money online. Also Aliexpress are associated with China and many people believe items from China are of a low quality when the actual fact is that most of the products on Amazon may have been purchased from Alibaba which is the parent company of Aliexpress

What is the difference between Aliexpress and Alibaba?

Both companies are part of the Alibaba group. If you want to purchase an item in bulk then you would purchase the item off Alibaba, if you want to purchase single orders then you would purchase from Aliexpress. You will find most of the products on Alibaba available on Aliexpress to purchase as single orders

How do I sell Aliexpress items on eBay?

You will have to do some product research on eBay, find items that are being sold from China. Then you search these sold items on Aliexpress. Once you find the item on Aliexpress, you copy the information over on to an eBay listing, marking up the price enough so that you cover the eBay and Paypal fees plus some profit. You will not make much profit on one items however you will find that successful Aliexpress to eBay drop shippers have built up a database of hundreds and sometimes thousands of products. You can get more information of the process on our post Best Products to dropship from Aliexpress to eBay

How Much Can I make Dropshipping from Aliexpress?

The image you see above is from a seller who has 157 active listings on his/her store, generating nearly $10,000 in sales in 30 days. When drop shipping from Aliexpress, the profit margins are higher than Amazon to eBay dropshipping however you do not get as many sales when dropshipping from China but you do make up for it in the profit margins. We have calculated that most Aliexpress to eBay drops shippers make about 25%-30% profit after eBay and Paypal fees so this seller would be generating anything between $2,500-$3,000 per month profit. Although this is a good case scenario, it will take a bit of time to build on your strategy and understand what works and what does not work as drop shipping is not a get rich quick scheme. Unfortunately most infulencers on YouTube give off that impression that it is.

What about long shipping times from Aliexpress?

This is a very common concern and you will find that most people overthink this because when you do your product research, you will find plenty of sold items that are being shipped from China so people are obviously buying. The benefit of drop shipping from Aliexpress is that you are not only selling to the UK and US market where many people are accustomed to fast shipping, you will be selling world wide where not everyone has the access to Amazon Prime and also Aliexpress has a database over of over 100,000,000 products so you the vast amount of products available is much bigger than Amazon and you will be able to list products that are not easily available in the local market. Watch the video below where I talk about long shipping times in detail

How can I get a head start?

I do have a page on my website where I add Daily Hot Selling Items

The product research has already been done, checked to see that these items have been sold and being drops shipped on eBay from Aliexpress. You can check the page by clicking on the link above for additional support

What is the best way to get started?

There is an endless amount of knowledge available on Google and YouTube as well as other online forums. Luckily for you, I have covered Aliexpress to eBay drop shipping more extensively on my YouTube channel more than anyone else on the planet so here are some steps to help you get started

1) Check out my free playlist on YouTube where I give some really valuable information to help you understand what you need to know


2) Join my free Facebook group with thousands of members in there, if you get stuck then you can post a question there and the community will help support you

Facebook Group

3) For a complete step by step guide on how to dropship from Aliexpress to eBay then you can enrol to my eBay drop shipping masterclass which is the best step by step Aliexpress to eBay drop shipping program that you will find anywhere

Step by Step Guide

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