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How to hire a VA (Virtual Assistant) for Ebay Dropshipping

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

This is complete step by step beginners guide tutorial on how to hire a VA (Virtual Assistant) for you Ebay dropshipping business. In this guide you will learn where to look for a VA, how to approach the VA and how to set tasks for the VA. By the end of this tutorial you will go away with all the information you need to help you automate your Ebay drop shipping business

What is a VA?

A VA or Virtual Assistant is someone who can work remotely to help you in your business. In this scenario we will specifically be looking at VA's for Ebay dropshipping. Majority of the time, when you come across influencers or mentors on Ebay dropshipping across the internet, the reason they are able to do so well is because they have a Virtual Assistant running their business

What is the benefit of having a VA?

The simple answer is time and money. A VA can help give you back your time as well as make you money, let me explain.

First of all, you may have a job, may have your commitments in life and you will find that when you start to dropship on Ebay, the small tasks like product research and listing can add up and become very time consuming. Many people actually give up on Ebay dropshipping because they get fed up of doing the tedious daily tasks. Well a VA can do that for you, give you back your time.

Isn't that one of the reasons why you started an online business? So that you can earn while you do the things you love?

Secondly a VA will save you money. Most people look at a VA as an expense, when in reality a good VA is an investment. Just imaging you spend 2 hours a day doing product research an listing products on to your Ebay store. Now if you pay a VA to do those tasks, you get those 2 hours back. Use those 2 hours to either improve your business or do some overtime in your job so you get paid for those 2 hours a day instead of working on your business.

Thirdly, a good VA, over time will start to get you sales. The sales will then earn you profit eventually covering the cost of the VA and finally the profits will start to exceed the VA's salary so you can then make more than you are paying the VA, is that not what you call passive income?

Watch the full tutorial video on how to hire a VA below

Are VA's expensive?

The great thing about hiring a VA is that they do not need to be expensive. You can hire fully qualified individuals from countries like, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Philippines etc and as their cost of living is lower in them countries, you can get the same job done for a lot less than hiring someone from the UK or US etc.

Also many VA's are freelancers so just because you hire someone, it does not mean that you have to keep them every week, you can pay them for certain tasks and that's it. However if you do feel that your VA is doing a good job, build a relationship with them and offer them regular work, they will appreciate it and give you more effort.


How much is your time worth to you? The true value of money is not how much you can make but how much time you can get back. Time is something that cannot be replaced no matter how much you make. You need a balance in your life, if you are constantly working on your business then you will eventually burn yourself, you will not be as efficient and then this will start to impact the quality of your business. A VA is more than just someone who you pay for work, they will help give you back time and help build your business.

What is the first step I should take to hire a VA?

There are various places you can look to hire a Virtual Assistant like Upwork or Online Jobs.

Although these are great places to look for a VA, Fiverr is a more beginner friendly option

CLICK HERE for Fiverr

Fiverr is almost like a market place full of Virtual Assistants which I show you in the tutorial video above. You can find freelancers who do graphics design to web design, make you videos or even voice overs. You can find a VA for almost anything which also includes VA's for Ebay Dropshipping.

Once you have narrowed down your searches as I show you in the video, you can then message a few freelancers with the template message below (amend it accordingly to your own preference)

Hello I am looking for an Ebay Dropshipshipping product lister, please can you check my requirements below and respond

whether or not you can meet the requirements below, if you can then I would appreciate for you to give me a quote.

- I would like you to deliver (100) products

- You will need to do the product research as well as list the products

- For the product research I only want you to list items that have sold (5) times a month or more in the last 30 days on Ebay

- The supplier I would like you to do product research from is (Walmart)

- After Ebay and Paypal fees, the minimum profit will need to be (x%) ($x)

- Currently I am using (x) listing software

- I would like you to edit the front image by creating a collage (remove background and create a unique front image)

- When listing, I will need you to complete all item specifics

- You will need to re write the description as I do not want it copied from the supplier or other sellers, also add SEO into the description

- You will need to re-optimize the title for good SEO

The above criteria is for all listings, if you feel that you can do this, then please can you quote me on how much it will cost

for (100) listings and how soon can you deliver the task


After you have sent that message to a few VA's, wait for their response and look through what they are saying. Ask yourself, who has read through what you have asked for, who has just given you a generic response, maybe add in a random question in the message template above and see who has actually read it to understand what you are asking for and given you an appropriate response. After analysing your their responses, and messaging them back and forth, go for the VA that you connect with best

Managing your VA for Ebay Dropshipping

Once you have hired your VA you should ensure that they do the tasks properly.

Also listen to any recommendations they make because they may have worked with other clients in the past and may be able to help you in places that you thought you knew best.

I have made a VA Management Sheet which you can download and then upload to Google Sheets to share with your VA. I explain how to use it in the video above, it will help you keep on track of your VA's work and will ensure they are meeting your standards.

Sometimes your VA may not get things right first time, it is important to work closely with your VA, check their work and drive them in the right direction. Most VA's may not meet your standards when you first hire them and that is fine, kindly show them where to improve, show them what you like and highlight to them tasks that you would like done differently.

They can always learn however if you find that your VA is slacking on schedules often and not delivering on time, then this is something that needs to be taken seriously. You can teach someone how to do something but if they are not willing to deliver it on time then this will cause problems in the future. The good thing about Fiverr is, it has a rating system so VA's will not want negative reviews on there so they will do their best to deliver the work how you want within the given time frame.

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