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How to sell on Ebay for beginners 2020

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

When learning how to sell on Ebay it important to know how to list like a pro and create a winning Ebay listing that has a good title, quality description and pictures as well as filling out all item specifics.

This blog is part of the How To Sell On Ebay Series

Why is it important to create a quality listing?

Many sellers on Ebay do not understand how important it is to create a quality listing. The difference between a good and bad listing could be the difference between a sale or no sale, it could impact how much someone is willing to pay for the product, it could impact how well your product appears on Ebay

What is the goal?

When you list an item on Ebay, your goal should not be to get found by as many people as possible because if you put an item up for sale, by driving in unnecessary viewers to your product, you will drive down the conversion rate of your products. The lower your conversion rate, the lower Ebay ranks your store and products.

For example, if 100 people view your product and 1 person buys, your conversion rate will be 1%

If 10 people view your product and 1 person buys, your conversion rate will be 10%

Now don't worry about what your conversion rate should be because it varies from product categories and the product itself so you should only focus on getting the best conversion possible. To do this, you really want your product in front of the right type of customer.

For example

If someone was looking to buy a black slow cooker and your product is red, do you really think they will buy?

That is why it is important to work through all the details about your product correctly and accurately


Pictures paint a thousand words and this is absolutely true in the world of online shopping.

Now when you list items from around your house, you DO NOT need to be like the retailers who have professional images because the buyers on Ebay like to buy of other people, real people, not big retailers. Although big retailers do well on Ebay, many of the buyers on Ebay come on here to buy unique deals.

Here are a few tips that will help you create a better listing

1) Use all 12 images

Ebay allows you to upload 12 images per listing, use all 12, the more people are able to see, the more decisive they will be if they want to buy the product

2) Cover all angles

Take pictures from all angles so buyers can visualise the feel of the product

3) Show damages

If the product has scratches, damages etc, show them. It is important for buyers to know about the damages as many may be able to fix the damages or do not mind. Also this will protect you in returns because you have clearly listed images about the damages. Also in the description, give brief details about the damages if any

4) Plain white background

Take pictures over a plain white background, your want your product to be the centre of attention, not the background.

5) Good Lighting

Take your pictures in a well lit room, if you have a light that you can point at your product, then do that but also avoid reflections on the product

5) Serial Numbers

If you are selling an electronic or a product that has a serial number, include a picture of it. This is for 2 reasons, people can search the serial number to check if it genuine. Also it is to protect you, if a buyer raises a false claim, you can make sure that the damage they may claim matches to the serial number

Whether you have a windows PC/Laptop or use a Macbook, there are free tools available to you where you can enhance images and resize them. I give a tutorial in the video below.

Both images are the same, the second, I cropped down to a size for Ebay and enhanced the image just so it looks a little better presented


Creating a wining title is crucial to get found by the right people. When someone searches on the Ebay search bar, they are looking for something specific so you want to make sure that your product is in front of them when they are looking for a product that matches to what you are selling.

Looking at the example above, the Morphy Richards Slow Cooker is a Brushed Silver colour and has a 3.5l Cooking Pot capacity. You want to include this type of information in your title

Because if someone is looking for a

Brushed Sliver Cooking Pot

Silver Slow Cooker

3.5l Slow Cooker

Morphy Richards Slow Cooker

Morphy Richards Morphy Richards

Your product will get found by the relevant type of customer. There is a little more to it when building a winning title so I highly recommend that you check out How to build winning SEO titles for Ebay which is another blog post I wrote all about building a winning title so I highly recommend that you check that out too.

Item specifics

When you are searching for a product on Ebay, you can narrow down searches via item specifics (see image below)

As you can see from the image above

there are options that buyers can click on to narrow down searches so that they can find an item that is more specific to their needs.

Many sellers miss out on sales because they fail to fill out item specifics on their listings.

This will affect you in 2 ways.

1) You will miss out on sales because when buyers are narrowing down their searches, you will not get found because you did not fill in the specifcs

2) Ebay favours items where item specifics have been filled out so if you fill in all specifics then Ebay will rank your item slightly higher.

If you do not know the specifics of an item, find similar items to see if you can match them or if you really do not know, just put 'Does Not Apply' in the blank box

Below you can see where item specifics are to be filled out when you are listing


When filling out the description of a product, don't worry about fancy templates.

On the first line, past the title of your product as this helps a little with search rankings.

The rest, just give Features, Advantages and Benefits of the product.

If there are damages, then give some description about the damages

FAB example

Feature - Stainless Steel

Advantage - Stylish look

Benefit - Blends in nicely with most kitchen decor

Below is a video I made about this blog and go into more detail about everything mentioned above

Buy it now VS Auctions

There are 2 options that you can list an item.

Either Buy it Now or Auction.

Buy it now is a fixed price option where you set a price and the buyer can only buy the product at the selected price.

With buy it now, it is better to incorporate the cost of shipping into the price and offer free shipping.


If you wanted $20 for your item and shipping would cost you $5, then instead of listing the item at $20 + $5 shipping, list the item at $25 with free shipping. This is because Ebay favours free shipping and moves the item slightly higher in the search rankings

When selling via auction, you may want to charge the customer for shipping just in case you end up selling the item for a bare minimum so here are a few tips for selling an item for auction.

Lets just say you wanted to sell an item for $20 and the shipping costs will be $5, ask yourself what is the bare minimum that you are willing to accept for this item.

In this example, let's just say we wanted to accept $10 as a bare minimum so I would list the item on auction starting at $10 + $5 shipping because if I were to get $10 for it, I got my minimum and the customer has also paid for shipping.

You should put your starting price low to attract more buyers to watch the item because the more watchers you have, the higher the product gets ranked and also if someone bids, everyone watching the item will get notified so this will bring more attention back to your item.

Also when listing an item for auctions, you should select 7 day option on a Sunday and start your auction between 7-9pm, this way your auction will end 7-9pm 7 days later on a Sunday.

The reason being is because this is the peak time for shoppers on Ebay and you want your item to end at a peak time because on the last hour of an auction your product gets ranked higher and this is a time where most people are likely to bid.

Watch the video below for more in depth details about this blog

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