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How to make money online on Redbubble


On Redbubble you can upload designs and artwork to be printed on items of clothing and other accessories Making money online with Redbubble can become passive if you upload quality creative designs that captures the public's interest Once you create a design, you can upload your work to the platform and price it accordingly.

When someone purchases a product with your design on there, you will get a percentage of the sale. It becomes passive because Redbubble deal with the work being printed on to the product, they deal with the postage and packing, they deal with all the retail side of it so you don't have to.

In the above video I show you how you can get started as a beginner. Use online editing tools like Canva to get some design created. The simple method would be to have a look at the T-shirts section on Redbubble, search for funny and have a look at some ideas. Then go more niche specific, so search for military, navy, autism etc.

The next step is to gather some more ideas of simple designs that can be printed on to T-shirt.

Search for some jokes related to the topics or niche you are thinking of, follow some meme and jokes pages on social media. Usually if you follow big pages on social media that are related to memes and humour, you will often seem them post jokes about trending topics. If its trending, people are searching for it and people may be interested in showing it off on a T-shirt.

Also when it comes to niche specific, people will be also interested. For example, maybe someone has a friend in the Navy and may want to buy them a Navy related T-shirt. If they see a funny Navy T-shirt, they may choose to buy it for their friend.

What if I do not know how to create art or designs?

In the above video, I show you how to create some simple design on Canva however if you feel that this is too time consuming for you or you just cannot get your head around it, then you can always outsource the work.

Websites like Fiverr are full of freelancers with all kinds of experience in different markets and sectors.

From web designers to graphic designers, from artists to social media experts etc.

Search for T-Shirt designers on Fiverr and narrow down your search results for designers from countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan because there you will find very qualified freelancers at affordable costs because the cost of living is less in those parts of the world.

Get into a conversation with a few, discuss your ideas and they will put it onto paper for you a create some designs.

How to get more views?

Grow a following on social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

If you want your shop to be around the Navy then often post Navy memes, jokes and post, use hashtags on your posts to drive in more traffic.

Then maybe 1 in every 10 posts, post one of your items, don't make your whole social media about your products because it will then be all about sales sales sales.

If you have no following then you will need to grow an audience and the only way to do that is keep those that find you entertained. Once people really start to like your content, then will start to follow you and those loyal will be more than happy to check out your work and products.

Also connect with others in the Redbubble community, talk to them, comment on their work and compliment them. Don't just keep seeking their time though as no one owes you anything but when you start engaging with them, you can certainly get their attention.

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