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Updated: Jan 13, 2020

One of the biggest expenses many people have, especially if you have a family, is your weekly supermarket shop. Some would spend along the region of 100 a week, some more, some less so it can work out to be quite a big expense for most families. What if there was a way to recoup ALL the money you spend on your weekly shop? This is part of the How To Sell On Ebay Series

What is the catch?

There is no catch, no competition, no prize draw, no lucky dip, no cashback. This is pure business logic and I will show you exactly how you can do it in this blog. It is something I have been doing for a while myself. I have been able to get back the money I spend on my shop and then used that money to invest into other places which has helped me make my money work for me

How does it work?

I live in UK so I will use UK as an example however this will work in most countries, especially USA as there is a much bigger market, whether you are in Australia, Germany or France etc, you can follow the same strategy and pick up the same results as most countries have well established supermarkets that often run deals to get rid of stock that they want to get rid of. Often they may even let go of these products at a loss because where they will lose money here, they will make it back up on other items. As long as it brings people through the doors, they don't mind. They will often run different promotions nearly every week

So what do I do?

Well here is the strategy, most of you will probably do your weekly shop in a well established supermarket, in UK, you may use Tesco or Asda, in US you may use Walmart etc

These high street supermarkets have some kind of promotion running week in week out. Out with the old, in with the new.

Next time you go into the supermarket have a look at the promotions. Not usually the food items but they will often sell other household goods and many times, there will be certain products that have been reduced to clear.

Most likely you will need to go into the bigger stores of these supermarket chains rather than the smaller ones.

Have a look at the exact example below to see how I will be able to get back all my money for my most recent supermarket shop.

Here is the guide

I was shopping in Asda and I saw this product. From £30 down to £20 and then I heard a sound in my head.... KACHING

Flash is a very well known brand in UK and with a third of the price off, this product will sell easy.

The next thing is, if I had to pay £20 for this product, how much can I sell it for? so I went on to Ebay and searched for Flash Power Mop and filtered through all the 'sold' listings. The reason I look at the sold listings is because I want to see products that have sold, not listed. I am only interested in results.

Above I have put together some results for this item being sold and it looks like it is selling often, there were many more results so now I can confidently say that this product will sell for £39.95

That's doubling my money right? wrong!

You have to take into account Ebay and Paypal fees, also postage cost so before I jump on to buy this product, I used an Ebay Fee Calculator UK or if you are in US, you can use the Ebay Fee Calculator US, there is usually one available for each country, just Google the search term Ebay Fee Calculator

As you can see from the image above

If I were to sell the item for £39.95 and not charge for shipping, here are my deductions

Product cost - £20.00

Shipping cost - £4.85

Ebay fee - £4

Paypal fee - £1.56

Total cost - £30.41

£39.95 - £30.41 = £9.54

I thought to myself, OK, I will make £9.54 on each of these, there was 11 on display, I went and put all of them on the trolley.

On one trolley I had my weekly shop which had a total of £70 and in another trolley I had a trolley which will bring in over £100 profit

I have never done this before?

That is absolutely fine. In the above example, I went all out and you do not have to do that.

Start off small, learn how it works.

Carry a small portable digital weighing scale with you. The same ones that you use for luggage, they easily fit into your pocket, you can find them on Amazon

Here are some you can get from UK and US

Amazon UK

Amazon US

The reason that you should carry one of those, its just so that you can calculate shipping on the go.

You will certainly be slow at first but the more you do it, the more experienced you will become.

You will have the eye for what sells.

You will become alot more savvier

The key is to go out and do it, go shopping a little bit more earlier to give you some extra time. No need to go out of your way, you will be going to do your weekly shop anyway, you just need to stop off and look at some household goods, toys etc

Have a look at the video below for a full video tutorial about this blog which goes into more detail

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