• Sarwar Uddin

How to make money online on Squadhelp

Squadhelp tutorial

Squadhelp is a fun way to make money online and believe it or not, there are users on there who have earned well over 5 figures.

Business owners submit requests on there when they are looking for business name ideas, domain names, slogans etc and then they put some money on the table.

It is almost like a competition and the winner gets the prize money.

Have a look at the tutorial below to see how you can create winning ideas.

Is it easy to win?

Because it is almost like a competition, there is no guarantee that you will win however if you are creative and a quick thinker then you can certainly increase your chances.

I highly recommend that you do not spend too much time thinking of one name, instead read the request from the business, look into what they are asking for and then quickly brainstorm a few ideas together, submit them and move on to the next one.

Usually there are around one to two thousand entries per request however if you do get creative, you will see that most the entries are rubbish and you can really get some quality submissions in. Just have a look at the total earnings for some of the recent winners below.

Does it cost to register?

You can register here to Squadhelp for free, you only pay if you are the business that is looking for ideas, as someone who is just submitting a business name, you can enter at no cost.

How do I get paid?

One thing I love about Squadhelp is that they pay via Paypal and Payoneer so you do not have to be based in the US to receive payments. Just ensure your accounts on Paypal or Payoneer are fully verified so if you do win, you do not face any hassles later.

Can I make enough to quit my job?

No. The reason I say that is because it is competition based so there is no guarantee that you will get regular income for the work you put in. You can also submit logos and slogans etc to increase your opportunity as well as that, you can post domain names and logos for sale however I do think that you should go on here, submit some posts, have fun and keep it as fun.

Yes there are established individuals on there who have earned well over 5 figures, maybe have a look at their profiles, see exactly what it is that they are doing and maybe you can get some inspiration to increase your potential earnings from Squadhelp but there is no guarantee when it comes to earnings. It's great if it pays out for a few meals out here and there and I do think its a site to enjoy more than it is a site to really make it your sole income.

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