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Print on Demand Dropshipping Products on Etsy

Print on demand Etsy

It is possible to start a dropshipping business on Etsy without holding inventory.

All you need to know are some simple editing skills which we show you in a full tutorial in the video below and voila, you can get your creative designs listed on Etsy. When someone buys the product off Etsy, you then place the order on the Print on Demand website for the item to be delivered straight to your customer. They will print the design on to the product, they will pack the order and they will ship straight to the customer.

Why sell on Etsy?

Etsy is a platform for creative entrepreneurs to get their unique hand crafted products out on the market. On Ebay and Amazon, people tend to sell anything and everything, many sellers sell the same product so you will find sellers competing in price wars, racing to the bottom.

Etsy is different because they encourage creativity on their platform so you will find unique products that cannot be found anywhere else meaning you can price your items at whatever you feel they are worth

What is Print on Demand?

Print on demand is exactly what is says, print on demand.

To simplify it, think about it this way. You send a design to be printed on to a t-shirt but it will not be printed straight away.

Look at the example below

Now think about it this way, Just imagine you wanted to sell this, you will have to buy this in bulk, buying it in all different sizes with no guarantee of all of the products selling.

With print on demand it's different. You just send in the design to the printing company, they already have a plain hoodie in all sizes ready to be printed on. When you place an order, they will print the design and then ship it out to your customer so they 'print on demand'.

This then saves you the hassle of buying in bulk, hoping your idea would sell and also not having to ship the item out yourself.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is selling items that you do not hold inventory for.

So taking images of items from suppliers, listing them on platforms and once someone buys the product off you, you pay the supplier to ship the item directly to the customer. Thus resulting in you not having to handle the product or buying bulk inventory., you just keep the difference

Is Dropshiping allowed on Etsy?

Here is the policy from etsy and they refer to it as reselling

So yes you are allowed to dropship print on demand products, as long as you do not list them in the handmade category

Which Print on Demand site can I use?

ThisNew is the website we recommend in the video above.

They have a very large variety of products to choose from.

Whether it be t-shirts or shoes, bags or mugs, they got you covered plus much much more.

Offering free shipping to over 80 countries and very low prices, they really do stand out from many other Print on Demand websites that we have looked at.

Also unlike some other Print on Demand website ThisNew does not require a monthly membership fee, you can register for free and start using them straight away.

Also they do have direct Shopify and WooCommerce integration so if you sell on them platform or have been thinking of doing so then it is definitely another reason for you to check them out

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