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What Sells well on Ebay in January and Why (8 Tips)

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

What will sell well on Ebay in January 2019 and Why

January is here, the Christmas rush is over, most people are scared that it will be a quiet month for sales but it certainly doesn't have to be because on Ebay you have the option of selling whatever you like so take this opportunity to maximize on your sales and get those profits rolling in. In this article you will find 8 tips on what categories you should be selling in on Ebay or Amazon in 2019 and and beyond.

Winter Gear

Winter gear is the most obvious category to sell from. Although most people associate Christmas with snow. January is still extremely cold so people will be looking for hats, gloves and scarves sets, umbrellas, raincoats. Sell some Boots as people don't want to be tackling the rainy weather in flip flops. If you are looking for some inspiration then have a look at Winter Clothes on Ebay or have a look at Winter Clothes on Amazon to get some inspiration of what kind of things are selling well.

Sports and Fitness Equipment

It is that time of year, straight after Christmas. People have done alot of partying, ate plenty of food in December and guess what they want to be doing in January? They want to get rid of all that excess weight they put on. Oh and don't forget, people want to get cracking with their new years resolutions and one of the most common commitments is getting fit. Get selling things like water bottles, sports & fitness equipment, gym and running gear. People want to check their weight, what to they need? They need weighing scales. Get items in those categories listed on to your Ebay or Amazon store. Have a look at Sporting Goods on Ebay or Sports Equipment on Amazon to get some inspiration on what you can sell in these categories in January.

Bed Linens

Bed Linens are great to sell in January. During the winter period, many people like to get rid of old linens and want that fresher feeling after coming home from that cold weather. The time of year when people prefer to stay indoors, bedding sets get used up alot and decide they want something fresh. Get bed linens and bedding sets listed on to your store to maximize on those sales. Have a look at some Bedding Sets on Ebay or Bedding & Linens on Amazon to see what other people are selling on these platforms.

Video Games

Video games sell well all year round however they do sell exceptionally well in January because alot of children have picked up pocket money over the festive period. All those games that they have been wanting and maybe did not get during Christmas, they are now going be looking on selling some unwanted games and buying the games they wanted. It is not just the games themselves that sell well, so look into video game accessories like controllers, video game related toys, shirts and anything that is related to video games. See what kind of things are selling in Video Games on Ebay or PC and Video Games on Amazon to get some ideas on what to sell in January.


Toys are an all year round seller, every single day is some child's birthday. Every single day, someone is looking to buy a gift for a child. One thing you should take into account is not just young children's toys, you should look at older children, young teens. Going back to that Christmas pocket money, alot of them will want to be parting with their cash and buying toys online. Nerf Guns, Skate Boards, Dolls and Action Figures, the list is endless, get selling those toys and there is always going to be a market for toys. See what type of Toys are trending by looking at Toys & Games on Ebay or Toys & Games on Amazon

Valentines Day Gifts

In January, Valentines Day is only around the corner. Maybe not at the start of Jan, but from mid Jan, people will start to look for Valentines days gifts. You can look on selling Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her, scented candles will do really well to help bring that romantic atmosphere. One of the most common type of gifts are perfumes and aftershaves which always sell well during this period. Why not get creative and sell some black and red themed items. Don't wait until the last moment, get these items listed on to your store in January. See what's selling well in Fragrances on Ebay or Fragrance on Amazon


After all the Christmas parties, the friends and family meet ups, the turkey dinners and partying, January is a time where people what to take a step back onto more of a laid back time. Books sell really well in January as it is a more calm time of year. You can certainly look into selling any types of books, whether it be Fiction, Non Fictions, Stories or Science Fictions. Remember, people will be health conscious so why not look into some healthy recipe books or fitness books too. Have a look at Books, Comics & Magazines on Ebay or Books on Amazon to get some inspiration

Winter Baby Clothes

January is a great time of year to sell winter baby clothing. With cold weather coming in, parents want to ensure their babies are wrapped up nice and warm. Also with baby clothing, the sizes are not as specific as adult clothing so people tend to shop around age ranges rather than sizes. Also a thing with baby clothing is, if it does not fit, people just hold on to it and give it to someone else's baby as a gift. Get those winter baby clothing items listed on to your store this January. Have a look at Baby on Ebay or Baby Clothes on Amazon to get some ideas on what to sell in January.

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