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Buying Wholesale To Sell On eBay

If you have been wanting to learn how to sell on eBay or have been thinking about how to get more sales on eBay because your business has hit a glass ceiling then you should consider using wholesale suppliers to buy products to sell on eBay because this is a business model that will allow you to break out of the glass ceiling and really scale your business to however big you want it to grow

Buying Wholesale - How To Sell On Ebay


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Watch the video above where I go through the benefits of starting a business on eBay by buying products from wholesale suppliers and then selling them individually on eBay. I also give you examples of how to do the most effective product research and find how to find products that will sell on eBay to help reduce the risk of wasting money on products that may not sell.

Who is this tutorial for?

This tutorial will actually work on most eBay markets which includes eBay US, eBay UK, eBay Germany, eBay France, eBay Australia, eBay Canada and most other eBay sites across the internet as the business model is being doing by thousands of sellers across all these eBay sites.

Different types of sellers on eBay

There are different types of sellers on eBay.

Casual Seller - This is the type of person who lists the odd item from around the house now and then just to get rid of it as they no longer need it

Thrift Store Sellers - These sellers go around to yard sales, thrift stores, second hand and used item stored etc to purchase products at a fairly low price and then sell them on eBay for a small profit

Drop Shippers - These sellers do not hold any inventory, they often lift items from other retailers and when someone purchases a product, they place the order on the retailers site for it to be delivered to the customer and keep the difference as profit.

Specialists - You will find some specialist stores on eBay selling very hard to find products, they may charge a premium for their products as they know that their products are pretty hard to find.

Wholesalers - This is the business model we will be looking at, these are sellers who buy products in bulk and then resell them individually on eBay

There are many other types of business model on eBay however the models I mentioned above are the most common types of sellers that you will come across on eBay.

The Most Common Tutorials on YouTube

how to sell on ebay YouTube search results
how to sell on ebay YouTube search results

Often when you go on to Google or YouTube and search for how to sell on eBay, you come across some good informative videos but most of them go into a business model that is only scalable to a certain amount because you will end up trading time for money.

This is because they show you how to go into thrift stores or list single items on to eBay. Although you can make a good profit on some of these items, you can't really restock items that you purchased from a thrift store and you will find that you are always looking out for deals and always listing more and more items on eBay. There are only so many hours in a day and you can only spend so much time finding items and listing them.

How is wholesale different?

Buying products in wholesale is different because you can break out the glass ceiling that thrift store sellers face. This is because when it comes to wholesale, you can list products that sell well and when your stocks run low, you can contact your wholesaler and order the product in again so your listing does not have to be taken down.

In the long term, when a listing sells over and over, this helps it rank higher on eBay and will result in a snowball affect where the more it sells, the more eBay may recommend this products which will result in more sales.

Once of the cons of wholesale is that the profit margins will be substantially lower than what the thrift store seller will make but the key is in the volume of sales. The more you sell, the more variety you bring, the more you will make, breaking out that glass ceiling and scaling your business to however big you want it to become.

How much can you make with wholesale on eBay?

The simple answer is, the sky is the limit however you probably want something more visual so below are some examples of wholesalers on eBay and what you are seeing are the sales figures for the last 30 days.

Can I get products cheaper than wholesalers?

Yes you can. You will find that when you start to increase orders from wholesalers, you can ask for lower prices and often they will reduce the price if they see that you are a regular and spending good money with them. It will get to a point though where they may not be able to offer you more of a discount, some wholesalers may be nice and give you the contact to the manufacturer but most of the time you will have to take it to the next level yourself by contacting manufacturers in China.

Most people tend to use Alibaba which has the largest list of Chinese manufacturers in the world. Don't always go with the first manufacturer, contact a few, get some quotes, ask them for samples and even see if they can do any modifications for you too if you need any.

When you buy products directly from manufacturers, you will get the lowest price. of course, you want to do this after you are confident that the product is selling well for you.

What about Amazon?

The great thing about purchasing products in bulk, once you are confident on eBay, you can start to list these same items on to Amazon. You will then have your listings listed on both marketplaces which will help you shift your products quicker. The barrier to entry on Amazon is a little higher so this is why eBay is a great place to start and once you are ready to take it to the next level then Amazon will really help you scale your business alot.

How will I know if the products will sell?

When you are starting out, there is no point trying to be an innovator, don't try to guess what products will sell. Once you become more of an experienced seller, you will be able to get a feel for the market and then you can invest into riskier products later, bringing in new products that are not on eBay.

When starting out, it is better to play the safe option, which is to find already selling items on eBay. Check the products your wholesale supplier is offering, then find those products on eBay and filter sold items. Check to see if the products are selling recently and calculate whether or not you can make a profit after paying for your shipping and other expenses.

I go through a full product research tutorial in the video at the top of this page


Where can I find wholesale supplier?

The best place to start is on Google. Just search for wholesalers or wholesale suppliers, Google will give you hundreds of suppliers on the first few pages.

Or you can search for wholesale directories, some are free and some are paid.






I have give you a few examples above, you can check them out or search for your own.

In the video I go through everything I mentioned above in more detail as well as a lot more information which I have not covered in the blog.


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