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With only £20 to my name, I turned that into a $15,000 per month Business

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

I learned how to make money online with no money. With only £20 to my name, I turned that into a $15,000 per month Business
How To Make Money Online With No Money

This time last year I left my job to pursue my dream of becoming an Entrepreneur.

I learned so much in my career and I owe alot of where I am to where I've been.

I always did have confidence in my ability but there was always something that felt empty, something that didn't feel right. It always felt like my vision was bigger then what I could see around me at the time

A year ago, I was sitting at a desk, at a great job, surrounded by wonderful people, but I was not happy.

Life is too short to be somewhere, where you are not happy.

But I had to take the risk that people are not willing to take. I started my own business and invested the money and time I needed to make it happen.

Sacrifices I made:

1) I stopped socialising as much to free up time for personal development. 2) I stopped watching all my favourite shows, instead I used the time to learn more about the business I wanted to develop 3) On my commute to work and back and my lunch break at work, (Total 3 hours a day) instead of browsing social media and socialising, I read books on personal growth and development 4) I sacrificed luxuries, used the money I saved to invest in my business 5) For every thing I used to make excuses for, I stopped, instead I gave myself a reason to do it and thought about the positive impact it would have.

Challenges I faced:

1) Shortly after I quit my job, my ebay account got suspended, I had £20 left to my name. My mortgage and bills were paid for the month, I had bought my groceries for the next couple of weeks. My main source of income was cut off 2) I wanted to grow an audience on social media but I was only getting 10-20 views per video 3) I was getting demotivated because everything I was hoping for was not happening, it seemed like my dreams were being shattered in front of my real eyes. 4) People around me were telling me, its all a scam, you will fail, you chat shit, people around me were hearing what I was saying but no one was willing to listen 5) I have kids to feed, my son has epilepsy, I support my parents, where do I go from here?

How I overcame my obstacles:

I remember in one of my last jobs, my manager always used to say to me, Sarwar, you're so laid back, you're horizontal 😂 I think that really helped me because I don't panic. It gives me the ability to think with a straight mind and analyse the situation

1) I found out why I got suspended, gave Ebay the information they needed, told them exactly what they wanted to here, got my account back in a couple of weeks. I also opened 5 more Ebay accounts to continue to test different strategies to help perfect what i do, I pushed harder then ever. 2) I Started to give out as much valuable information as I could, kept people wanting more, engaged with the community, gave away my free time to focus on the bigger picture of where I wanted to get to 3) Even after being mentally drained, I kept getting back up. Always kept my eye on where I wanted to get to. I knew it would not be an easy ride, but I was absolutely determined to succeed. Failure was not an option. Its not OK to fail, but sometimes you fail. That's life. Stop being a little snowflake, learn from failure, because when you get back up, you will be stronger 4) I stopped listening to people trying to tell me it will not work, how would they know, they have never tried what I do. How can people around me give me business advise when they have never been in business themselves. Instead I researched about people online, followed the successful people, carefully analysed what they were doing and took my time to understand what they did to get there. 5) Broke is temporary, Poor is permanent. Being broke means you may have less money now, but you don't have to stay that way. Being poor is where people continue to blame life, blame others, blame things that happen etc. Those type of people use excuses to stay in the bullshit they are in. I knew I was broke, but I also knew I will never be poor.

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1 year later:

1) I run the biggest Ebay Dropshipping Youtube channel in the UK 2) It is now overall the fastest growing in the world 3) I created an online training course that sells multiple times daily and it continues to get fantastic feedback, because I continue to focus on delivering value to my customers, not focus on getting profit. 4) I started another business connecting Virtual Assistants from Philippines to people who are in my Masterclass. Connected over 30 Virtual Assistants with clients in the last 2 weeks. Why? Because they value my masterclass and they are confident in investing again because of the value they have already received. 5) Everyday I still thrive to learn, I am learning from books, online courses and people I connect with, you can never know enough

My last months income was more than anything I have ever earned in any of my jobs

I now make over $15,000 per month profit but please do not think that I am saying this to boast. I am not. What I want you to know is, from being broke with £20 in my pocket, to now earning more than anything I could from employment is certainly possible, I did that in 1 year by making Sacrifices, Facing Challenges and having the Determination to Succeed.

Where to go from here?

I think I am happy with where I am at, I certainly have alot more free time. But I certainly did sacrifice so much along the way. I will continue to focus on growth but now I can enjoy more time with people close to me and do the things I love.

I am no longer part of the daily rat race, My voice is heard, but I am also all ears.

This is my life now, this is my story. Nothing about it is fake, its all real. For those of you who have been following me from day 1, you Absolutely know this is 100% real. I have mentioned these obstacles before and how I over came them.

If you are still reading this, then what will you do? Just remember, this is my story.

You can certainly create your own.

There are 3 things I would like to say before I end this.

I would like to thank God for paving the way for me. Whether you believe in God or not, that's your own choice and I am not here to stamp my opinions on you. But I do believe in God, I did not pray for success, but all I wanted was a little guidance. And in those times where I felt I was lonely, I looked up to him to show me the way, Which I strongly believe he did. And it was through that BELIEF, I was able to continue. We are all his people, he has helped me and I will always continue to try my best to support his people in any way I can

I want to thank myself. You may think that I am crazy, but its true. Do something today, that your future self will thank you for. And I did. I did things in all those yesterdays so now I am thanking myself today. No matter how much you know, it will go to waste if you do not take action. But not only that, you need to be consistent. I learned I took action and I stayed consistent. This is not pride, this is reality

And also I would like to thank the handful of people that supported and believed in me along the way. There were certain people in my life around me daily, I thank you There were mentors who helped guide me, I thank you There were people online who supported me all the way, I thank you

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